Rc-Evolution track in Ranica Italy

Serpent Racing
Well done Antonino Mangiaracina, 3rd place another podium really great job!!
I would like to congratulate Simone Colombo for putting his Serpent 4x in the A Main in the 17.5T Blinky class

the past week end we was in Ranica for the 13.5T blinky class LRP/AE Challenge the rules provide the usin...g of the Lrp 13.5 Motor and Esc with motor on fixed timing.

The track is Amazing with a flowing layout and an high grip carpet but not easy to find the perfect setup.
We start the free practice on saturday with the standard setup but we find the car was to soft for the conditions so we decided to go up with harder roll springs front and rear 9.5 front and 12.0 rear and the car was much better with more corner speed and a flat chassis who was good for a fast change direction chicane.
in the nexts test we was going harder also in the rear heave damper using a 6.3 spring; again the car steers better in a fast long corner.
As always my friend and mechanic Reto Felix is an important key to my races. Thank you Reto

the rest of the day we use the practice to understand the difference between new and used tires.

Sunday morning 3 qualy: position 4th
Sunday afternoon 3 finals: overall position 3rd

As mentioned the car for me works better with a front softer than rear.
For shure we can do better next time because we have more data on working in setup with the Serpent 4x

I would like to congratulate Simone Colombo for putting his Serpent 4x in the A Main in the 17.5T Blinky class

Thank you!

USA; Easton reports on the wicked weekend race

Wicked Weekend.doc
Microsoft Word-Dokument [28.5 KB]

Race report from this years European Championships

The 2016 European Championships where held in Valladolid, Spain. It was a dirt track and the jumps where covered by astroturf. After the warm up race the club removed the stone parts of the track and filled it with dirt. It made the track much better for 1/10Electric racing then before.

Monday started with 7 Rounds of free practice. My Team Orion powered Serpent was great and only needed some small tweaks due the hot tempratures, after practice I was 2nd. Tuesday were another 2 Rounds of controlled practice and 3 Rounds of qualifying. I was able to TQ the 1st Round, 2nd in Round 2 and another TQ in the 3rd Round. That gave me the overnight TQ going into the finals day on wednesday. I could TQ the 4th Round, but Neil Cragg got the 5th Round and was 0.1sec faster then my time and I was only 2nd Overall.

The finals. A1 I had a good start but, 3rd place driver tried to pass me but we crashed. I fall back to 3rd, but worked my way back up to 2nd.

A2 This time I was very close to Neil after the start and I could follow him around closly until he made a mistake over the triple, which gave me the lead. I never looked back and took the leg victory.

A3 The deciding leg. A clean start and I was again close at Neil´s back, I tried to follow him again. After the bridge, I had slighlty more speed, but it was no room to try a pass on Neil, so I decided to brake harder that we not crash, but unfortunately I braked to hard and spun out. After that I had no chance to take the win anymore. Overall I finished 2nd place in 2WD with the new version Serpent Spyder SRX2.


4WD again 7 Rounds of free practice. My car was very good for a 5min run. Overall after practice where the best 2 laps counted I was 5th. Going into qualifying on Friday I was very confident with my hole package. In Round 1 I got a 2nd place, Round 2 a 5th place and 4th in Round 3. Overall I was 3rd after 3 Rounds. 

I had more pace in my package then this, but always small issues held me back.

On Saturday, the day started out good with a 2nd place in Round 4 and a 3rd in Round 5. Overall I stayed in 3rd place.

A1 I should started in 3rd, but as the others had issues before the start 3rd was actually the TQ spot. I was able to build a gap to the others over the first couple laps and take the win.

A2 I had a few small mistakes over the run and finished 2nd place. Which already secured a podium spot.

A3 I knew I needed to win this final to take the Overall victory. I had a very good start and could pass Neil on the second corner. After that I was right at the back of Bruno for a coupe of laps until I passed him on the inside before the chicane. Bruno made an error and fall back to 4th. I had a 3 seconds lead over Neil with 2 min to go. I knew I just need to keep it on the wheels and I would take the 4WD European Title. That was exactly what happend and I was crowned the new 4WD European Champion after coming so close in 2WD.   My Serpent Spyder SDX4  shaftdrive production prototype worked very well !!  


Thanks to all my Sponsors, without their support it wouldnt be possible to archieve such great results.


Serpent (Cars)

Team Orion (Speedo, Motor, batteries)

Proline (Tires)

K-Power (Servos)

Arrowmax (Best looking tools)

Muchmore (accessoires) 

Stickit1 (shirts and decals)

WTF (cooling fan´s)



Slowakia: ETS: Wilck reports on Project 4-X

Wilck Reports on last ETS / Slowakia

Thursday practice

I prepared 2 different Project 4-X cars, both with the flex type chassi ( with more cut outs).   As we still need to learn more with the new car, we prepare 2 cars, so we can test things even faster.  I work intensively together with designer – racer David Ehrbar  and every test and race we learn to make use of the new Project 4-X car better.

4-X car 1 we made with harder roll damper oil and harder spring. The other car was the 4-X EC car we ran at the same track for the EC.   Car 1 was a little faster but not yet perfect.   As next step we made the front more narrow and made a softer diff and now the 4-X car was better again and we could do fast laptimes to give it 5th or 6th position speedwise.


I chose to run the EC car, but with same changes as on car 1.  Set-up still very similar tot he Ec set-up but with a ittle harder rear roll-damper spring (7.6), front (6.4). I decided to skip 1st round to save the tires for new in round 2 and 4. This is optimal strategy as most people use new tires in round 1 and 3.  I could not make best use of the strategy , so I had to settle for 9th overall for final !    I had expected to qualify around 5th or 6th in the final as the speed was pretty good.


For the finals we decided to change setup as we needed even  better pace, sof or the 1st final l I changed to little softer rear oil 1500->1200, and harder front 2000->3000.  The pace remained about same as qualifying.  Position 9.

2nd final changed to more droop front and rear for more roll and steering, also more rrs shims to get more toe-in change in rear!   This was little better and pace was similar to the others. Car was more difficult to drive.  Position 5.

Last final changed to little less droop in front 0.5->2mm, this was again a step back as I lost a lot of steering!  Position 7.

I ended the ETS ranking overall for this season in 11th.   We are making good progress with the completely new concept of the Project 4-X car.   To be in the a-mains  with such a new type of car shows the potential is there.

The Wc in China will be the next major race and we still have a good test program ahead to preparet in the best way.   High grip and very high temperatures will make it a very challenging WC.

Viktor Wilck

Team Serpent

Sweden: Salven reports on the 1/8 EC – Viper 977

After 3 days of thinking about the Euros[...]
Microsoft Word-Dokument [22.4 KB]

. Benelux EP race Rucphen, ML

In the weekend of 23/24 July we’ve had the Benelux+ race at the beautiful track of MAC de Baanbrekers in Rucphen (NL). Looking at the weather forecasts it was going to be a sunny and hot weekend.

The track was already open on Friday for some free practise. Practise was used by a good number of drivers! This year I drove in the F1 class. Good number of entries with 25 people showing up to race. This class was raced with 21.5turns blinky. Race was on Ride tyres and we all had 1 set to race on for the whole race.


On the Saturday we had 1heat of practise and thereafter there was a reseating for the qualifications.

I could manage to get P5 after the practise so I could start with the top 10 in qualifying.  There were 4 rounds of qualifying planned on the Saturday.  Steve managed to get a P1 in the first 3 rounds of the qualification. Patrick was on a solid P2 with 3 P2 runs. I was on a nice P4 with 3x P4. In Q4 Steve sat out. Patrick would take P1 and I could get a P2. That meant that I was only 1 point behind the number 3.


On Sunday we would have 1 more round of qualifying and then 3 finals with best 2 count.

In the last round of qualifying Patrick and Steve both sat out. Because of that I had an opportunity to take P1 in qualifying and I did. So after qualifications it was Serpent on P1,2 and 3! Serpent top3.

In the finals it was clear that we 3 could drive away from the rest of the field. It was a nice fight between Steve, Patrick and me for the first 3 spots. In Final 1 Patrick and Steve unlucky got in touch with each other and I could drive away from them. That would result in a P1 for me in the first final. Steve came in 2nd and Patrick 4th.

Final2 we had a great start and we could drive away from the field. It was a nice battle first between Patrick and Steve and in the last part of the final I had a nice battle with Patrick. We came in as we started. Steve on P1 and Patrick in 2ndand myself in 3rd.

Final3 we started again very nice. Resulting in pulling a little bit away from the rest of the field. Early way in the final Steve had a problem and got out of the track. Patrick would take over the lead in the final. Half way the final I got passed Patrick and we would have a nice battle till the end. Resulting in myself P1 and Patrick 2nd this final.

Overall I was on P1!  Steve would get P2 and Patrick P3. That means a whole Serpent podium! Car was working great and the fastest this weekend! Thanks to Serpent for that great car!

Also big thanks to the whole organisation for this very nice race!

Racing in Luxembourg; excellent laptimes with Project 4-X

Portuguese Nats

This past weekend took place the Second round of Portuguese Nats( the first one was cancelled by heavy rain  ). 


I was able to take the TQ ( winning all the three round ) and finished 2nd at the a-main as my engine flamed out one time. It was a shame as i know that without flame outs the result could be better. My Cobra SRX8 car set-up was much better again and  speed was really good. 


 Overall it was a positive weekend for us, they can count with us for the fight!


Attached some pictures.


Link to car: 


China Race report:1/8 Buggy Cobra SRX8 and 811-Be

I will like to report back our race held in the pass weekend on a brand new track in a place call Maoshan, Hangzhou, close to Shanghai.

Serpent had a team of 8 persons to race in both the 1/8 EP and GP class and of cause all eyes on all the brand new Serpent SRX-8.

The track condition are middle size, with very rough surface. To make things worst, it had been rainning since Thursday till Saturday, with the race held on Sunday, the track are still very muddy came qualify time. It will not fully dry up till the A main was being run.

Our team did well, with 3 brand-new Cobra SRX-8 in the A-main, and with our lead driver LeHua Lin taking the TQ honor by nearly 17 seconds, we all had high hope on getting a decent result.

The main start out well for our boys, with Lin leading the charge. However, at this time, the track started to dry out and once again became supper slippery and bumpy, the setting on Lin's car was not perfectly suited with this ever changing condition, and later in the race, due to the fuel consumption on the qualify and finals are way off, Lin was caught out by a flame out. On the other hand, Li Cong was comfortably on 3rd places and look like a podium finish are within reach, he too will suffer from a flame out caused by a rock hitting his fly-wheel. Good thing is, LeHua was having a very comfortable gap with the cars behind, so even after (two) flame outs, he will be able to hold on to 2nd place and this is where he will finish. Li Cong recover from a costly flame out to secure a fifth place finish. The 3rd SRX-8 driven by Liu Shuo will eventually finish 10th.


Link to car:  http://promo.serpent.com/srx8/

On the Electric side, both our drivers Jin Long and Danny Wu manage to qualify into the Amain, with Jin finish on 4th and Danny finish on 7th. 

Link to car: http://promo.serpent.com/cobrabe21/


All in all, it was a great race which showcase the Serpent team and products to be a force to reckon with.

Netherlands: Serpent 748 1st and 2nd at round 1 of Dutch Nationals

Serpent 748 1st and 2nd at round 1 of Dutch Nationals
The first round of the Dutch National championship was held at the famous Heemstede track. A track where setup is always a compromise between the high speed section and the twisty infield. This year a new spec tire was selected and on Saturday all racers were searching for a good setup.
Come Sunday a lot of the hard work would prove of little worth as we had 4 seasons in a day! We were treated to rain, wet snow, hail, sunshine in differing combinations. In the end only the wet qualifications would count as not all drivers had been able to run on a completely dry track. It would be Daan Jacobs that claimed the TQ. Julius Kolff almost missed the final but scraped through on 9th position.
The finals at the Dutch nationals are of the ABC type but run as 2 separate 20 minute runs that are added up for the final result. The first final series would be dry, and everyone franticly reset their cars to dry setup. As a lot of the grip had washed away everyone was a bit in the dark with tire wear and that would lead to differing performances throughout the field.
Daan Jacobs would lead away from pole closely followed by Pedro Rombouts who had been very quick on Saturday practice. Julius had made a great start and slotted in third after the first lap. Slowly Daan and Pedro pulled away in the first 5 minutes. Then Pedro took over the lead. After the halfway mark Pedro lost a little speed and Daan was able to retake the lead. Julius would get quicker as the final went on and had an intense battle with Pedro for the last 7 minutes, in the end picking up 2nd spot.
About 10 minutes before the start of the 2nd A main a big shower hit the track. Although the rain stopped and the sun came out the track would be wet and drying for the second A main. Everyone started on rain tires. The drying track would catch many driver out as the conditions changed every lap. Again it was Daan that took the lead at first, but was caught by Roy Bakker who was really quick in the wet. After an incident at the first lap Julius had to work his way back up to the front. When Roy crashed out due to water in the receiver, it was Daan and Julius back in front. Julius found some extra pace and started to close on Daan. Daan suspected a tire was coming loose on the straight and had to give up the lead. Julius would win final number 2 with Daan second and Milan Holthuis in third.
After the results of the two finals were added up it would be Dan Jacobs that took the overall win, with Julius only 0.9 seconds behind in third. Pedro Rombouts would take 3rd for the day.
All-in all a perfect start for team Serpent, where we showed our pace in dry and wet conditions. Onward to the next race in Genk on the last weekend of May!

ENS: Team Serpent at Bologna race with 748 and 977

ENS Bologna, 2016

The weather made the race much tougher than expected.  Thursday and friday practise all fine.  Serpent drivers at the very front of the 1/10 and 1/8 timing sheets.

Due to expected rain all qualifying was done friday, so till late in the evening, to be able to do all finals saturday, as sunday weather forecast was terrible.

Qualifying went well, with  748 drivers in 2nd , 3rd and 4th overall and fastest laps.  In 1/8  Depta and Abisset were doing fine.

In the finals rain and wet tracks made it hard to adapt and make best results.   Still in 1/10 Serpent in 2nd overall with Mazzeo and Green and Greiner  in the main and Depta  made the A-main in 8th place but in the final suffered some issues and had to stop early.

Thanks to the organisers and Bologna club !  Looking forward to the next races !

748 Wins Indonesian Nats Rd.3


The 3rd round of Indonesian 1/10 GP National Championship was held at SIS Track. Grip was medium due to sugared water result by the 

organizer by the beginning of the day. At the end of qualifying, my REX Legend .12R powered Serpent secured the TQ spot, scored a 25 laps

@ 7.08 in front of Muhammad Izzah with 24 laps @ 7.05. Christian Mamesah lined up 3rd, just 0,4 secs behind Izzah. 

Unfortunately, just 30 minutes before the A main final run, rain poured heavily which means the end of the raceday by the mother nature, final result was taken by the

qualifying result.


1/10 GP A Main result (Top 5) :

1. Bowie Ginting (Serpent 748 Natrix TQ)

2. Muhammad Izzah

3. Christian Mamesah (Serpent 748 Natrix TQ)

4. Haryo

5. Fayakhun Andriadi

Paolo Morganti wins 2016 Pacific Cup

The 2016 Pacific Cup was held this past weekend. The fast track offered high speed sweepers, a wide open chicane and a couple of hairpins, making it tricky to find the best setup in order to go fast but not destroy the tyres, specially in the GT class. The schedule was pretty straight forward with practice on Friday, qualifiers on Saturday and finals on Sunday. In the GT class the race was on between Fabrizio Martello and Paolo Morganti, the later having some setup issues during the qualifiers so Paolo had to go through the semifinal which gave him some extra time to work on the adjustments. Both ran 1-2 in the opening stages of the main final until Fabrizio ran into some problems. This gave Paolo the lead and the ability to focus on build an advantage and at the same time save as much tyre as possible. The strategy paid off and after a trouble free one hour final, Paolo was able to take the win from Fabrizio Martello in second and Rino Lino in third.

Markus Hellquist wins at SSIC finale

The final round of the South Swedish Indoor Cup was held in Alvesta, hosted by the Wäxjö MS club. The track was quite technical and it offered high traction, making a lot of drivers suffer from traction rolling. In the practice rounds Marc Fisher laid down the two best laps combined ahead of Markus Hellquist and Viktor Wilck, being less than a tenth behind. The qualifying result was based on the best single result, out of three rounds in total. After three rounds Viktor Wilck placed himself on the top spot, 0.052 seconds ahead of Markus Hellquist, and 2 seconds ahead of Marc Fisher. The finals then saw some really close racing between the top three drivers. After incidents that lead to the winner of the opening A-final being disqualified, and after the leader of the second final accidentally hit a car rolling across the track, Markus Hellquist managed to come out successful in A1 and A2 to grab the overall victory. Marc Fischer would end the day on the runner-up spot from Viktor Wilck in third.

Nacho Lopez wins at Spanish 1/8th on-road opener

The opening round of the Spanish 1/8th On-road Championships was held at the Automodelismo Ronda club this past weekend. Alberto Fernandez would lead the proceedings during practice but it was Nacho Lopez who came out fastest after the qualifiers, winning three of the five rounds. Ruben Olivares with two round TQs placed himself second after the qualifiers with Victor Gonzalez and Jacobo Guerrero coming in third and fourth. The semifinals had Nacho taking the pole position for the finals from Victor but problems around the 18 minute mark meant a DNF for Gonzalez, denying him a battle for the win and allowing Nacho Lopez to cruise to the victory at round one of the championship, some 2 laps ahead of Ruben Olivares with Jorge Revert completing the podium result another three laps down.

DHI-Cup: Neumann reports on 2wd podium and 4wd win

DHI-Cup 2016
The 2016 DHI-Cup where held once again in Odense, Denmark. It´s a combined race between Offroad and Onroad. Two separate tracks with the driver stand in the middle.
Friday was 4 Rounds of practice for each class. I was 9th after 2WD practice and 6th after 4WD practice taking the best 3 laps. Over 5min the pace was very good.
In the evening qualifications I could take a 4th and 3rdplace finish in 2WD. Very close at the top, only a few tenths between each other. In the morning 2 more Rounds of 2WD qualification. With a very good 2nd and a not so good 7th place, I started 4th on the grid for the triple A-mains.
Next up where 4WD qualifying. With a 4th, 3rd and two 2nd place finishes, I had to start again from 4th on the grid, which was a little disappointing, because more was possible, but the luck came back in the finals. And I knew my Spyder cars were easy to drive, which is for sure an advantage in the finals.
Sunday morning and first up were the 2WD finals. A1 was a good clean race and I finished 2nd behind Michal Orlowski. A2 Unfurtanetly someone crashed in front of me and I couldn’t go around him, so I crashed and fall back to last, my car was really good this time and I pushed as hard as I could to recover in 3rd place. A3 was a disaster, another driver crashed into me right after the start and I lost a lot of time. Overall I finished 3rd on the podium.
Up next 4WD A-Finals. A1 After some good battles I finished 2nd which was good as Bruno had already a good lead after a few minutes. A2 We changed the diff setup on the car and it was a good decision as the car had a lot more forward traction then before. I was able to take the win in A2. A3 and still the win was open between 3 drivers. I finished 2nd which was enough to take the overall victory and the only driver who ever won the 4WD class at the DHI-Cup.
Joern Neumann
Works-Team Serpent

Brasil: Worlds interview Yuya Sahashi, Japan

Team driver Yuya Sahashi.docx
Microsoft Word-Dokument [16.4 KB]